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Helpful tips for emotional eaters

Often the biggest challenge for people in their journey toward healthy eating and weight loss is to stop using food for comfort. Most of us are emotional eaters, and emotional eating is often a habit that started at a young age, which means losing the habit is much more challenging.

A few strategies that may help you change your ways:
Exercise is a natural stress reliever and you are burning calories instead of adding calories!
Hobbies: gardening, adult colouring, needlework, woodwork, or anything that will keep your hands busy and your mind occupied.
Think twice—are you really hungry or are you eating because you are stressed, bored or sad?
Make it easier to resist—not having temptations at home will make it much harder to eat!
Not having temptations at home means weekly meal planning, making a shopping list and only buying what is on the list.
Be honest with yourself. Are you self-medicating with food because you are suffering from anxiety, chronic pain, or depression? Seek advice or treatment for your condition.

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